Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Money Pit

Well, the cute Westfalia has a name: "Rosalita."

She is the colour of dark red wine and is turning out to have somewhat of a fiery temper. Fiery in the sense that the heating won't turn off and the AC has stopped working. She also completely lost her head recently. Actually her cylinder heads. So they needed to be replaced and the last bill from the auto mechanic was around $4,200.

She has occasional outbursts. For no reason, she'll just send a little 2-syllable chirp, like a doorbell: "ding-ding". I think she's just saying hello, but Jack is considering having the alarm system worked over. I think that we should just let her chirp across the country, and maybe she'll stop if she feels like she's getting enough attention.

Rosalita is adorable, but she is also high maintenance.


  1. Hi Jack and Lori,

    I've owned several Westies in the past. They're definitely a love/hate relationship. I hope Rosalita's temperament has improved immensely before you take off on your grand cross-country voyage.

    Take care you two and I look forward to following your adventure!


  2. Hi Jack and Lori,

    Just discovered your blog and am loving it!! The pictures are beautiful!

    The ding ding - once had that on a car and it turned out to not be the electrical system or the alarm but rather the doors needed tightening. They were just loose enough that when you went over a bump there was a seperation between the "whatchamadallits" and the car thought the door was open - and so "dinged".

    I will come back and visit you on your trip across Canada. When you go through Sault Ste. Marie - the Great Lakes Foresty Center is interesting to visit (I used to be a tour guide there) and if you get a chance to go there - say Hi to Anne Marie Bostelaar - she manages the IT dept and is a really cool lady!!

    Lots of love