Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow blogging

Too many thoughts

The whole purpose of blogging is to share ideas that others may find interesting, and do it in a timely way. While I was away on our cross Canada trip it was a way to feel like I was still connected to my community while at the same time organizing my thoughts around my experiences. Since I've been home I've fallen into old routines and the blog has, well, bogged.

Ideas I meant to write on while they were happening, but haven't include:
  • The Olympics & my experience in Vancouver during
  • My 20th anniversary of coming to Canada
  • The poor baby whale that washed ashore here
  • The Salmon Are Sacred march - or "How to keep insects from eating my sushi"
  • Las Vegas Blues/Desert light
  • Flamenco - or "Why stomping your feet is better than therapy"
  • Fibromyalgia (ongoing) - when your body divorces you
  • Bike to Work Week - or "why does the vegetarian end up serving a thousand hamburgers"
  • Etc.
Salmon are Sacred

At the Salmon are Sacred march I ran into Bruce Elkin, creativity coach (see:, and thought - "Oh man, Bruce is all about applying discipline to your creativity. I want to talk to him, but I really don't want to talk to him."

Yikes. Maybe my crazy "law of attraction" friends (what I call the "Jiminy Cricket philosophy." You know, "If you wish upon a star..."? Hmm, maybe another topic to add to the above list.) In any case, maybe these crazy people are right. Seeing Bruce was like a little guilty reminder of what I've been meaning to do.

The great thing was, being the soul that he is, he reminded me that creativity springs from a tension of where we are and where we want to be, and that people are inherently contradictory. So here's to using that tension as a spring forward. My thoughts are always contradictory, so this should be easy!

Except that that conversation took place in May.

Anyway, I'm thinking that just as 'slow food' is the healthy and thoughtful reaction to fast food, I'm going to start a 'slow blog': A healthy and thoughtful reaction to Facebook and Twitter. That means that next Christmas you may hear about the Olympics or other long past events.

Think of it like wine. No forget it, I drink wine way too fast. Think of it like the chocolate Easter egg that you find in September: A delightful surprise.

Excellent. I've talked my way into equating procrastination with fine vintages and ripening cheese. Yes!
Badass Flamencas

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